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110 Page 2020 Weekly Planner Interior + PowerPoint Source File
115+ Page Niche Success Guide Featuring A Walk Thru Video
With Back to School just around the corner, and the New Year and 2020 coming before we know it, there's no better time than now to jump into the planner niche. Lots of people will tell you that the niche is saturated, but I'm here to not only tell you that it's not saturated, but also to give you the tools that you need to dominate.  And you're getting it all for free.
This bundle is jam packed with hundreds of keywords, title and description templates, backend keyword suggestions and an analysis of 10 weekly planners currently selling on Amazon, including a walk thru video of how to take this information and run with it.
Not only am I providing you with the information to succeed, I'm giving you a free custom interior to get you started, along with the PowerPoint source file.
Claim your bundle today and dive in.
To Your Success!